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Wainwright Revealed From Eric Robson’s Foreword:
When Richard first mentioned this book to me and outlined the themes he hoped to address in it, I confess that I didn’t think he’d be able to carry it off. Surely we only ever scratched the surface of Alfred Wainwright’s complex character?

I was wrong. Richard has produced a book that’s entertaining and knowledgeable in equal measure. I should never have doubted him. It was, after all, the young Mr Else who persuaded AW to sup with the devil in the first place and against his better judgement agree to work with us television people. Richard’s fondness for and knowledge of Wainwright have created a readable and fascinating new portrait of a charming, gentle and obsessive man.

Eric Robson,
Wainwright’s walking companion and Chair, Gardeners Question Time, Radio 4.

Wainwright Revealed is a major new assessment of Britain’s most important guidebook writer by Richard Else, the award winning television producer/director who succeeded in tempting AW out of his front room and onto the nations television screens. It was the most improbable of relationships - the highly reclusive Wainwright and and a young inexperienced television producer less than half his age - but Richard succeeded where many others had failed and AW became the most unlikely celebrity with his BBC films drawing in an audience of millions. Over almost 10 years Richard and Wainwright travelled around 5000 miles throughout northern England and Scotland and, in doing so, established a working relationship that was different from those AW had with any other person

This book contains much information about their time together but is much more than simply a memoir. Wainwright Revealed contains a re-appraisal of his position within the guidebook genre and it investigates, for the first time, the forces that motivated AW and shaped his life - forces he may not fully have understood himself. The book is lavishly illustrated with over 70 photographs - many previously unpublished.
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